Santa Monica Acupuncture Center

8 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Dr. Ha basically saved my life 25 years ago!
    I had two ulcers, colitis, messed up liver from all the allergy meds, breast calcification masses, hypothyroid, and several other issues. Within 3 months my ulcers were healed, along with my colitis and breast masses. My other issues were resolved within another 3 months.
    I wish I were still in California so I could still see Dr. Ha and Ping.

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  2. The treatments I received from Dr Ping and Dr Don Ha completly reduced a large mass that had developed in the ulnar nerve of my elbow and I avoided a costly and severely damaging re-positional nerve surgery. I have also gotten really positive results on the treatments I have received on my lower back to counteract a degenerative disk issue i deal with. I can not overstate how much my quality of life has been improved by coming to the Santa Monica Acupuncture Center.

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  3. Dr. Ha and Dr. Ping saved my life 17 years ago. Western medicine could not heal me. I went to Dr. Ha four times a week for a year, then 3xs a week for 6 months, then 2xs a week for the next 6 months, and I went from dying to perfectly fine. They are both brilliant doctors.


  4. I went to Dr Ping Ha’s office to discuss my atrial fibrillation issues. Having had many episodes over the last several years i was being pushed to a drug solution by my cardiologist. I tried some anti-coagulants briefly and stopped because i began to experience minor bleeding from my rectum. I had received acupuncture several times over many years for intestinal and physiological issues and have mostly found great relief not from the symptom but from the cause.
    Dr Ping began administering electro-puncture treatments one year ago and the symptoms of the a-fib began to become less frequent. She also prescribed an herbal remedy which i still take today . I now have electo-pressure treatments weekly and drink the tea on a daily bases and my episodes have decreased significantly. This is all due to Dr Ping Ha’s treatment protocol!

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  5. Ten years ago I came to Santa Monica Acupuncture for my Cushings Disease. Dr. Ha was the first person to realize that two years prior I should have been diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroid disease. Together Ping and Dr. Ha created a plan that consisted of herbs and acupuncture. They focused on rebuilding my thyroid, endocrine system, adrenal function, skin issues, hair loss, weight gain, mood instability, and system sluggishness. 6 1/2 years later I came back for a decrease in vision. After 7 days my vision was restored. I am so grateful to Dr. Ha and Ping for rebuilding me inside and out


  6. I see Dr. Ping for CRP and Arthritis. Her herbs lowered my CRP to normal and my thyroid dropped to normal. I have no more pain in my arthritic knuckles.


  7. The Riche Family have enormous praise for Don and Ping Ha for their 20 years of treatments, guidance, and love for us . They deliver excellence in every area of care and set an example and a high bar for quality living and well being. Wonderful doctors, extraordinary acupuncturists and simply the best human beings. We trust them with our lives. I am eternally grateful for their care and friendship and recommend them highly.


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